I am a game & toy designer, play researcher, object-maker, and educator. I create healthy, active play that forges deep relationships between bodies and environments. My games have been played at Indiecade, Appetite Obscure, and Come Out & Play and published on Steam and Epic Games Store.

   As a game design consultant in the video game industry, I focus on using play research to improve systems design, UI, and craft elegant player experiences. I have also worked on two major VR projects, including one combining design for disability and VR. I have an MFA in Playable Media from the University of California Santa Cruz, where I studied phenomenology, sports history, perceptual physiology, and art to understand the relationship between play and the environment.

    I recently completed a Masters in Industrial Design at RISD in June of 2021, where I continued my exploration of play through toy design and physical game design. Current research/making interests include nature play, outdoor toy design, random & generative manufacturing processes, collective intelligences, improvisational micro-sculpture, metal fabrication, woodworking, CNC, and design through play.