My thesis project as part of RISD’s Masters in Industrial Design program.

This toy is designed to create outdoor play that reconnects kids to nature
and develop full-body dexterity through reactions to it’s unpredictable movements.

Goal: Develop full-body improvised movement skills by responding to the variability of nature.

Testing the Jabber, a lathe-turned playing stick for manipulating the toy.

Testing the 2nd Prototype

First prototype

Sketch of first playtest.

One of the secondary goals was social play, another was uncertainty and unpredictability.

Robert, 5, “It’s a ball, wait, it’s not a ball but I don’t know what it is”
Isaiah, 8, “It rolls”
Robert, “It doesn’t roll!”

Some form and function prototypes for various features.

Sketches of the proposed form from midway through the project.